Cooperation gives us the opportunity to heat treat and cover details with coatings according to the customer’s needs. Below are the options we can use for the manufactured elements:

  • nitriding: thermo-chemical treatment of iron alloys involving diffusion saturation of the metal surface with nitrogen. As a result of nitriding, a surface layer is created, the structure and phase composition of which depends on temperature, time, chemical composition of the object and the atmosphere.
  • nickel plating: covering metal products with a layer of nickel. Nickel plating is performed for anti-corrosion, decorative and technological purposes as a substrate for other galvanic coatings.
  • blackening: (oxidation) the process of covering the surface of metals with a thin layer of their oxides. Blackened details are characterized by a deep black color and temporary resistance to corrosion.
  • passivation: involves chemical or electrochemical protection of its surface. This is a process during which oxide layers are artificially created, which are rich in chromium – just as in natural conditions with a sufficient amount of oxygen.
  • galvanizing: a process that involves covering the surface of objects made of steel with a zinc coating and serves to provide effective protection against corrosion.
  • polishing: precise preliminary grinding of the surface, reduces its roughness and thus reduces the surface’s susceptibility to corrosion.
  • hardening: – a type of heat treatment of a material consisting in heating a given material to an appropriate temperature called the hardening temperature, maintaining it at this temperature for the time necessary to rebuild the internal structure of the material and then cooling it down quickly enough.
  • silver plating: characterized by very good properties for high-frequency techniques, high ability to reflect light rays, chemical and corrosion resistance, very good electrical and temperature conductivity, high passivation capabilities, excellent contact conductivity
  • iron plating: a method used to create abrasion-resistant coatings on elements made of copper, brass and steel.
  • protection with polyamide coatings: an advanced solution ensuring a high degree of safety, ease of installation and efficient series production.

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It is also possible to use other coatings and processes as required. We comply with strict quality control standards, ensuring not only excellent durability and effective protection against corrosion, but also aesthetic appearance. Thanks to advanced technology and a highly skilled team of professionals, we are able to provide custom solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.