Outstanding CNC metal quality

Innovative machinery and appropriately selected technology guarantee high quality products and services in both unit and mass production. We offer the production of both simple and more complex elements from materials such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloys, copper and plastics. Precise metal processing is possible thanks to the use of several numerically controlled machines.

For the sake of the quality of manufactured elements:


At the customer’s request, we provide a material certificate.

We can provide high-quality documents and reports:

  • material certificate,
  • measurement protocol,
  • product and process approval according to VDA (PPA) and PPAP,
  • process statistics (CpK, Cp, Pp, PpK)..

Details requiring additional protection against damage can be packed in specially dedicated packaging, which guarantees high protection for the ordered elements.

Measuring equipment

  • Manual measuring instruments from: MAHR, MITUTOYO, VIS
  • Formtracer CV-4500 contour measuring device from Mitutoyo,
  • Roughness measuring instrument PS1 MAHR, MarSurf M400, MarSurf SD26
  • A device for measuring 3D elements using a PRISMO5 machine with a five-axis PH20 head, Keyence LM-1100

ISO 9001:2015

APJ Sikora holds the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certificate The aim of the quality policy is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, which we achieve through:

  • timely delivery of manufactured elements and services of appropriate quality,
  • cooperation with experienced employees with high competences and continuous improvement of their knowledge,
  • improving the work environment to the extent affecting the quality of products.

We have implemented a management, statistics and measurement storage system

The software is an advanced metrological tool enabling statistical control of production processes. The program can display single measurement results as well as perform complex metrological tasks. It enables the control of small and large measurement series along with statistical analysis. All handheld measuring instruments, height gauges, roughness meters, air meters and coordinate measuring machines can be connected to the system.

Production possibilities

Precision that we can achieve with high repeatability

We have implemented the ERP Optima management system, which supervises the following aspects of the company’s operation:

  • Production – supervision of orders, timeliness, punctuality of deliveries,
  • Materials management – ordering materials, tracking material shipments,
  • Tools – creating a tool list for all elements, tracking tool movement,
  • Laboratory – supervision of measuring tools, certificates of measuring instruments and their movement,
  • Office – supervision over all inquiries, offers, orders and contacts with customers,
  • Confidential data – this type of information is stored on an internal server disconnected from the Internet, and a limited number of employees have access to this information.