About Us

Our history begins in 1927, when Antoni Sikora was admitted to the locksmiths’ guild. The origins of our company date back to the 1930s. We have existed as a company since 1993. Due to the lack of availability of cam machines on the Polish market, he designed and manufactured his own machines himself.

From the beginning of our existence, we have been producing small elements made of brass and steel, such as: car valves, parts for women’s handbag zippers, fur fasteners, and furniture fasteners.

We were also a mass producer of lamp parts, being at that time one of the largest customers of the Katowice steelworks when it comes to brass. After leaving the market of producing lighting elements, we started purchasing numerically controlled automatic lathes.

car valves,

parts for women’s handbag zippers,

części do lamp,

elementy złączne do mebli

Today, our company specializes in the production of small and accurate elements for various industries, including: precision industry (sensor elements, measurement system elements, servo motor parts), electrical industry (electric motor elements), gas industry, dental industry, furniture industry.wego.

The beginnings of the company

APJ timeline

1927 r.

Antoni Sikora admitted to the Locksmiths’ Guild

1993 r.

the company was established

lata 30.

the company started its operations

1940 r.

design and production of own cam machines