We have prepared some frequently asked questions for you that will help you learn more about our company.

Does APJ Sikora general partnership engage in mass production?
We fulfill orders for several hundred pieces of turned details, made according to the customer’s technical drawing.
How long does it take to complete an order?
The order fulfillment time depends on the number of pieces to be made, the complexity of the technological process and the type of material from which the element is to be made. We try to produce the element in the shortest possible time, maintaining the highest quality of the details.
Does APJ Sikora general partnership provide services to individual clients?

We provide services for both companies and individual clients.
What payment methods can be used to pay for an order?
Details are agreed individually with the client, the most common form of payment is bank transfer.
What materials are turned elements made of?
Made of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloys, copper and plastics. It is possible to complete an order using entrusted material.
Is it possible to cooperate with foreign clients?
APJ Sikora general partnership produces metal and plastic elements for Polish and foreign markets. The company has many years of experience in serving customers from various parts of the world and adapts to the requirements of both European and global markets.
What processes can the ordered elements be subjected to?

Turning, drilling, threading, milling elements.
Does APJ Sikora general partnership provide high-quality procurement documentation?
Yes, at the customer’s request, we can attach documents such as: material certificate, measurement protocol, product and process approval according to VDA (PPA) and PPAP.
How are items delivered?
We use the services of courier and transport companies and our own transport. Details can be placed on a pallet, packed in boxes or plastic packaging, according to the customer’s needs. Transport conditions are agreed individually, the most frequently used delivery conditions are EXW and DAP.

What is 1 micron [μ]?
The name micron comes from Greek and means little thing. Currently, a much more commonly used name is a micrometer marked with the symbol μm. It is a unit of measurement representing an aliquot of a meter. More precisely, it is one millionth of a meter or one thousandth of a millimeter or 1/25,000 of an inch.

What is PPAP?
This is an abbreviation of the English term Production Part Approval Process, which means “the process of approving parts for production”. This process concerns mass production and is used in the automotive industry.

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