Machine park

Machine park for precise CNC machining

What CNC machines do we use at APJ Sikora?
  • MAS
  • AFM
  • STAR

All machines have C axes, driven tools, intercepting spindles, and LNS bar magazines.

Conventional machine tools
  • automatic lathes – MAS, SKODA, CEGIELSKI, FATO, GDW
  • drilling and threading machines – IXION, MAXION, FLOTT
Other devices
  • Render C60 spray washer
  • ultrasonic cleaner 100x60x60
  • drum for vibroabrasive machining


+/- 0,003 mm


96 years old

Details diameter


APJ Sikora has purchased an innovative production system co-financed by the European Union.
This technological system is innovative due to the use of high pressure for machining, which made it possible to obtain a very high level of accuracy (meeting the recipients’ expectations in this respect) within the assumed dimensional tolerance relating to: internal diameters of holes, external diameters, surface roughness, geometric coupling with base surfaces detail. A very important argument is the fact that machining processes are to be carried out taking into account high performance parameters, guaranteeing the profitability of the services provided, at the same time with additional assumptions related to high energy efficiency and ergonomics of the machines and devices used in the process.

Our experience

The industries in which we operate include:

Precision industry

Electrical industry

Gas industry

Dental industry